Brothers In Distress

The explosion was imminent. We didn’t know who or what would set it off. The decision was mutual and final. Everybody would later say absurd too. I expected to be painless. I hated pain. Physical or mental. We’re three brothers separated by six years each. We were all born in September. My brother Ralph was thirty, I was twenty-four and my little brother Anthony was eighteen. Our house was a gathering place for all kids from the neighborhood. I don’t remember having had any serious fights with my brothers. We were always very close to each other. My dad had … Continue reading Brothers In Distress

Miles Away

Miles was twelve when I met him. He was slightly autistic. It was hard to pinpoint his abnormalities. It seemed like his mind worked faster than he could express his thoughts. His left eye blinked rapidly when he struggled to express his thoughts. He was impatient and ignored people who disregarded him as a slow kid. My first impression was that he appeared to be an average kid. How wrong I was. He had been home-schooled. They said there was too much trouble at the public school, and that he had suffered at the hands of bullies for a long … Continue reading Miles Away

A Girl From Orosi

GRACIELA I was born seventeen years ago in Orosi, a tiny town in the middle of California. My parents came from Durango, a northern state in Mexico, where they were farmworkers. After they moved to the US, they kept working in the fields. My mom worked as hard as my dad. Sometimes, I joined them in the fields, but it wasn’t easy to keep up with them. I loved my parents more than anything in the world, but they didn’t know that my goals were much different than what they could ever  have dreamed. I knew the world was too … Continue reading A Girl From Orosi


A JOURNAL I could still remember the moment I became a pacifist, an animal lover, and a defender of animal rights. From that moment on, I also turned into a better person. That day, while playing in the backyard and armed with a flyswatter I squashed a butterfly with it. My big brother witnessed the act, became upset, and sad, and then he gave me a lecture I would never forget. “That butterfly probably had a family; it probably had babies that needed to be fed. Everybody loves butterflies, they’re beautiful to see, and they’re tender creatures. The way they … Continue reading CUCA

The Corpse Is Alive

A five-minute movie 1- This is the basic story for a short film entitled “The Corpse is Alive” 2- We made the film to participate in The Germ Film Project in Fresno, Ca. 3- The rules were:  a) Horror film. b) Luck had to be involved. 3) Under five minutes. 4- We shot the film in two days in the middle of July. 5- Watch the 5min. movie at the end of the post. 6- This was our first attempt at making movies. 7- It has won at least eight awards from different Film Festivals. 8- Enrique Martin-Valdepeña and I … Continue reading The Corpse Is Alive