Brothers In Distress

The explosion was imminent. We didn’t know who or what would set it off. The decision was mutual and final. Everybody would later say absurd, too. I expected to be painless. I hated pain. Physical or mental. We’re three brothers separated by six years each. We all were born in September. My brother Ralph was thirty, I was twenty-four and my little brother Anthony was eighteen. Our house was a gathering place for all kids from the neighborhood. I don’t remember having had any serious fights with my brothers. We were always very close to each other. My dad had … Continue reading Brothers In Distress

Global Suicide

I was a little pessimistic when I wrote this little thing in 2017. Is there a reason to be optimistic now? God has left the building and the planet too. Hurricanes dance in the ocean. Hurricanes cohabit with earthquakes. The heat is hotter. Walls built with tiny hands will stop refugees but not bombs. Children expelled from paradise. Limbo kids between heaven and hell. But which is which? The ax forgets, the tree remembers. The forest never wins. Mother nature is dead. Without a nation or destination, refugees flee in mass and cry in pain. Destitute and diluted in the … Continue reading Global Suicide