A Box of Grapes

Visalia grapes are of the best quality in Central California and certainly in the entire State of California, probably better than in the entire USA and possibly in the whole world, without falling in the awful sin of exaggeration. At least that’s what Juanito thought. Juanito was a third-grader at Elbow Creek elementary school. His dad worked in the fields where after a ten-hour work day, each worker was allowed to take a free box of grapes. That day, his dad proudly gave it to Juanito and said, “Here son, the whole box is just for you. You don’t need to … Continue reading A Box of Grapes


Young and daring freedom loving fearless punkAddicted to excess school he flunkedFound love early the free bird also found a cageNever ending bliss decreased he then turned to rage Went to Vegas risked it all and lost even the houseDefeated he returned feeling smaller than a mouseHis pride he also lost but one thing he gained . . . a divorceNow he lost his mind his soul and all there’s nothing worse Pawned his ring and bought a gunPut it against his temple now he’s goneBetter learn a lesson my sonSimple truth I’m a bad example now I’m in hellJust … Continue reading Lost

Me Gusta Y Me Disgusta

Me gusta la poesía en prosaPorque no tengo la obligación forzada de encontrarPalabras con un final similarY también la otra clase, la poesía en rima. Más bonita y más difícilLa que le habla al amor y el amor escucha.Por cada cosa que me gusta alguna otra me disgusta . . .Me disgusta el orgullo inútil, patriótico e inservibleDe la gente enamorada únicamente de su propio paísQue egoístamente piensa que el suyo es el mejorCuando la humanidad debería ser una sola familia, un solo paísUn solo mundo sin fronteras sin barreras ni muros de separaciónMe gusta la democracia que permite cada … Continue reading Me Gusta Y Me Disgusta

It’s Like . . .

Killing an ant with a nuclear bomb, total exaggerationStoning a woman right after she’s been raped, abominationCreating the final solution to exterminate a wandering nationInexplicable and contradictive, killing cancer with radiationTormenting and torturing without mitigation Crying at the bottom of the sea to drown your sorrowFighting foreign wars all over the world, non-stop in a rowCommitting suicide today for things that will disappear tomorrowSaint Sebastian expiring and receiving another arrowAsking money from a beggar, when he has nothing to borrow God never lies you can’t insistBegging God to make me believe he doesn’t existAsking God to become friends with Satan … Continue reading It’s Like . . .

Holy Water and Other Stuff

I’d like to know how potent and effective holy water is. I’d like to know whether the Pope can have more blessing powers than a simple priest. I’d like to know how far would a drop of holy water reach in the ocean?  Would the entire ocean be blessed, along with the rest of the oceans on the planet?  Does a gallon of holy water has more reach than just one drop?   And if I throw holy water on the ground, would the entire Earth be blessed too? Along with all animals and humans in the world, including a heretic … Continue reading Holy Water and Other Stuff


The middle is a convenient and easy place to be, where no arguments or controversies exist. The middle is a comfortable neutral point where conformity shares space with submission. The middle is a tedious place where no one, voluntarily should remain for a long time. Life is meant to be a continuous experiment. The middle is fine, but only temporarily. I must go to the extremes, both extremes. I should never be static, I should never allow myself to be overtaken by docility or mediocrity. I would rather be invisible than mediocre. If I ever get lost, I should dig … Continue reading Nirvana

A Ghost In Visalia

Before I signed the rental contract, the landlady told me that an eighty-six-year-old man had died in the first bedroom. She said she needed to disclose it before I moved in so I wouldn’t quit suddenly without a thirty-day notice. At the time I didn’t pay any attention and disregarded the comment as useless and unimportant. Later on, through the neighbors, I learned that the old man had lived there for fifteen years. After that, three new tenants moved in and out in rapid succession.  The house was old and unattractive, with a garage attached to the kitchen and living … Continue reading A Ghost In Visalia

Free Flowing

Squeeze my lemons trickle down social insecurities third world project criminal justice injustice three strikes or a home-run prison system mutual terror bucket list priority destroy the world total absurdities my mother was a fish as I lay dying experiment stream of consciousness extreme mind fuck non-required grammar uncensored thoughts under subconscious and comatose dreamlike visions dormant and inert subliminal messages from the dark side both dumb and smart need not apply a comma here a period there absent and dismissed obsolete comprehension send me to hell he’ll laugh from there while others remain in heaven bored to death pitiful … Continue reading Free Flowing

Foreign Violence

I’m an exile. I fled from Mexico in a hurry. The reason was just a tragic, unexpected accident. I didn’t have time to pack anything. Straight from the accident, I ran away to the US. I couldn’t say goodbye to anyone, not even to my mom. I was riding a crowded bus with my girlfriend. We were standing in the middle aisle when a man started groping my girl from behind. He was near the exit with his back close to the door. When I saw him touching my girl, I pushed him so hard the doors opened and he … Continue reading Foreign Violence